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Scarsdale Dental Implant Clinic

Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic and Implant Clinic

The Scarsdale was established in the early 1950s and there  have been 4 principal Dentists since with then , the current Principal Dr. Peter JM Fairbairn having been run the clinic since 1989 . This long relationship is important in the long term assessment of treatment options , especially in Dental Implantology which he began in 1991.

Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic and Implant Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Kensington, London. With off-street parking available on request and within easy walking distance of High Street Kensington and Earls Court underground stations, the Scarsdale is ideally located whether you’re just dropping in or travelling from afar.

Dr Peter J M Fairbairn is a world authority in synthetic bone regeneration, using and developing essentially two materials Fortoss Vital and Easygraft, having lectured in over 20 countries as well as writing many  journal articles and a book on the protocols (see Dr Peter J M Fairbairn).

Peter places over 400 Implants per annum (DIO, Intoss , Ankylos and Nobel Biocare) with a 4 year success rate of over 99% . He has  grafted using synthetic graft materials ( Calcium and Phosphates ) over 1,300 successful  cases in the last 8 years without the need of foreign donor bone ( Human , cow or pig ) to ensure his patients comfort and to allay any concerns. ( See Implants , synthetic graft ). These bone regeneration techniques and the use of  DIO Implants have also helped with affordability for the patient as well and all Implants placed are garuanteed for 5 years , any issues being resolved without any fee to the patient.

Peter is also a renowned authority in the  treatment options  available for the difficult extreme high lip line case (“Gummy Smile”) having lectured extensively in Europe (BACD and ESCD) and written journal articles as well as a chapter in a best selling book.

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