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Sometimes we need to enhance the amount of gum tissue to improve the aesthetic result. Here we prefer to move the patients own tissue from an adjacent site rather than use Porcine derived products.  This treatment is also known as Guided Tissue Regeneration.


We now prefer the option of reduced destruction of the patients own tooth material if possible by adopting a  straighten and whiten protocol.

Thus a true multi-disciplinary  approach to aesthetic dentistry  is the future , which includes Orthodontics (Straightening) , Gum Surgery (contouring and lip re-positioning), all ceramic Crowns ( metal free caps ) and whitening .


Newer faster, yet safe options are now available, we use both the Inman aligner and six month smiles systems for efficient aesthetic solutions in the re-alignment of teeth without the need for tooth destruction.


With over 300 successful cases in the last 6 years as one of the initial providers of this effective removable appliance system , we see most cases resolved to patient satisfaction in 10 to 14 weeks . So the era of straighten and whiten is truly here and cosmetic dentistry can dispense with the drill as advocated by the BACD .

Peter helped with some of the initial certification concepts in the tuition of the system by Straight Talks Seminars .

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The evolution of dental ceramics has been another major move forward in improved aesthetic outcomes  .

E-max  from the worlds biggest provider of dental ceramics Vivadent combined with the skills of our German lady dental Technician Daniella of Aura Ceramics ( has enabled to refine the art of dental ceramic perfection.

Zirconia cores have allowed increased strength of metal cores but with improved aesthetics and a more biocompatible effect on the surrounding soft tissues (gums).

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