Before & After

Scroll down for examples of the life changing work being done at the Scarsdale Dental Clinic.

Case 1

Before: Images 1 & 2. Missing teeth from Birth with little space, immediate teeth.

After: 4 years after treatment.

Case 2

Before: Images 1 & 2. Gummy smile and worn teeth

After: Images 3, 4 & 5. All Ceramic crowns, E-max quality.

Case 3

Before: Image 1. Two front crowns & lengthening needed along with an implant and crown.

After: Image 2. New crowns and Implant.

Case 4

Before: Image 1. Bone remodeled, in need of an implant and synthetic graft.

After: Image 2. Restored tissue and crown shown after 2 years.

Case 5

Before: Image 1.Bone lost so grafted with ethossĀ®, the ethical bone solution.

After: Image 2. Crown, 1 year later.

Case 6

Before: Image 1.Bone lost through extraction years ago.

After: Image 2. Bone restored with ethical synthetic (no animal material used).

Case 7

Before: Image 1. Implants to hold a lower denture.

After: Image 2. Caps to secure lower denture.

Case 8

Two front teeth crowns using Emax for a natural look.


Case 9

Before: Two front teeth crowns

After: Emax for aesthetic perfection


Case 10

Before: Worn teeth

After: Emax crowns


Case 11

Before: Gummy smile, unhappy with aesthetics

After: Emax crowns and surgical gum contouring


Case 12

Before: Loss of tissue after extraction

After: Implant and tissue restored


Case 13

Implants and crowns