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What makes us a Leading Implant Center?

Leading Implant Centers is the only internet platform that entered the market exactly for this reason: to create transparency for the patients and to ask for a high standard for the further training of dental specialists as implantologists. As Spiegel reports, trained dental specialists decorate and adorn themselves with degrees such as Curriculum or other non-transparent certificates that are not distinguishable for patients. The internet platform Leading Implant Centers offers a solution. All members are dental specialists within the field of implantology and are quality-wise on the highest education and certification level of the specific scientific dental associations.

The admission criteria at Leading Implant Centers for potential members is clear and unambiguous even to patients: Only top implantologists who have successfully certified to the highest level of scientific associations and/or attained approbation as a specialist are welcomed as a member to Leading Implant Centers. They must have personally placed at least 200 implants along with a minimum of four years of practical experience are the further necessary requirements to become a member. Patients and interested individuals can rest assured that only specialized practices and clinics are represented on this portal and also that the listed implantologist whose knowledge is verifiably to the latest scientific level will be the one treating them.

Dr. Peter Fairbairn BDS and Dr. Minas Leventis DDS, MSc, PhD have been accepted to join Leading Implant Centers, since they fulfill all the criteria for a membership. “We want to ensure safety for the patient” explain the founders of Leading Implant Centers. “Therefore it was a must for the founders of the portal one year ago that a scientific advisory board of worldwide renowned implantologists, who also partially hold roles with the international scientific professional societies, reviews and ensures the qualitative contents of the portal and also ensures the systematic examination of the applications for admission of implantologists to the portal.”

The founders of Leading Implant Centers act for the long term. They are establishing a worldwide network of qualified implantologists to offer patients an extensive network of well trained implantologists and to implement the training and education for implantologists at the highest level of education as the standard.

Dr. Peter Fairbairn BDS and Dr. Minas Leventis DDS, MSc, PhD from London in UK are part of this elite group and is the dental expert you trust in your vicinity. The Leading Implant Centers represent dental excellency on the highest level – guaranteed.


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